A Party for All
Release Date
Not available in this version
Updated Date
Not available in this version
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase MAG (10%)
Increase missile resistance (10%)
Increase healing power (10)
Decrease chance of being targeted (3)
Party Effects
Increase human killer (30) when attacking with magic attacks
Increase AOE Resistance (16)
Increase Critical Rate (25)
 So that she may spend time with the rabbits she so adores, Sylvie puts her skills to use baking pies. Before long, the rabbits appear, enticed by the appetizing aroma, and the party begins at last.<br>"Would you like some, too?" she asked with a smile as she placed more pie on the table.<br>With her affectionate gaze and inviting voice, there are not many who could refuse.<br>Sylvie's kindness envelopes not only the filling of her pies and the rabbits that enjoy them, but also everyone around her.