Fundamental Forces
Release Date
Not available in this version
Updated Date
Not available in this version
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase AGI (8%)
Increase light ATK (20)
Party Effects
Increase Evasion Rate (24)
Increase critical evasion (16)
Increase slash ATK (35)
 Lucio sits engrossed in Fundamental Forces, a graphic novel that is popular in a certain world connected to the Farplane. Recommended to him by Eurika, he finds himself unable to stop reading as he turns page after page. In fact, he doesn't even lift his eyes for a moment when expressing his opinions on how incredible he finds Elena, the Warrior of the Azure Crystal, whom he already feels deeply connected to due to their shared appellations as Warriors of the Crystals.
Eurika's vast collection of books never ceases to amaze Lucio. How do the moogles find such curiosities? Gazing at the complete set of Fundamental Forces sitting piled up on his desk, Lucio could not hide his excitement—the adventures of Elena and her companions would not be coming to an end any time soon.