Starlit Tryst
Release Date
Not available in this version
Updated Date
Not available in this version
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase LUCK (15%)
Increase ATK (15%)
Increase Accuracy (15)
Increase HP (10%)
Increase AOE Resistance (10)
Party Effects
Increase slash ATK (35)
Increase SPR (8)
Increase pierce resistance (20%)
 One summer night, Velric heard a bird's song and stayed his blacksmithing hammer. Raising his gaze in the direction of the song, he saw a beautiful starry sky and a blue bird dancing against it. The sight reminded him of an old tale he heard as a child.
It was the tale of a celestial maiden and a human man whose forbidden love angered the god of heaven, dooming them to be imprisoned in separate stars. However, in order to meet with his lover, the man patiently arranged millions of stars one by one over the longest of times to span the stretch between them. It is said that the god of heaven was moved by this sight, and he thus relented to allowing them to meet once a year on a summer's night.
For several years since Velric left his master's side and devoted himself to his training, Lemuré was always there in a corner of his heart. Believing that one day they would meet again, Velric brought down his hammer once more.