The Dreamiest of Eggs
Release Date
Not available in this version
Updated Date
Not available in this version
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase ATK (30%)
Increase HP (10%)
Increase Critical Rate (15)
Party Effects
Increase slash atk resistance penetration (35)
Increase HP (13%)
Increase Single target Resistance (20)
 Happiness comes to those who find colorful eggs hidden in all but the the likeliest of places. Although Esther may not be too fond of a certain evil egg, a festival of eggs is another matter entirely. To enjoy the festivities more than any other participant—and to find more eggs than them, too—Esther shows off what her legs can do and dashes all about. It is not difficult to imagine that her egg-hunting antics would become a spectacle of interest for many festivals to come. <br>As a hero, she puts her all into completing her mission, leaving her free to then enjoy the festival with just as much gusto. Such diligence is likely one of the reasons she is so widely beloved, and not just in her own tale.