With Swan-Like Grace
Release Date
Not available in this version
Updated Date
Not available in this version
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase AGI (8%)
Increase dark ATK (20)
Party Effects
Increase missile resistance (24%)
Increase ATK (40%)
Increase Critical Damage (25)
 Sold to Hourne at a young age for her shinobi techniques learned in the village of Saiga, Shadowlynx lived as a lonely shadow. Her new life did not even allow her to speak to Kitone, whom she cared for like a younger sister. But there were many who saw her—and many who felt that this shinobi deserved a new life, better than the one she was dealt.<br>And thus she returned—like an ugly duckling that matured into a beautiful, graceful swan. Shadowlynx, who has found a new place to which she can belong, may still be one of little words, but she will personify these feelings of gratitude that cannot be conveyed in speech with every fiber of her being.