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Ultra Rare
Only from other version ?
25 Years of Tomb Raiding

A Dance That's Out of This World

A Fearsome Foe Appears

A Gift Like No Other

A Loyal Companion

A Party for All

A Pinnacle Ever Far

A Tower, a Promise

A Vow to Meet Again

Aeterna Puritas

Alexander's Chosen

An Unforgettable Smile

Aquatic Songstress, Siren

Becoming Stronger Than Anyone Else

Believers in the Bonds of Brotherhood

Beyond the Flames

Black Rose of the Battlefield

Blades of Grass

Blossoms in the Dark

Bringers of Shadow

Celebrating Crossed Paths

Changing the World Takes Heart

Chaotic Chorus, Dark Siren

Clairvoyant Astrologer

Corrupted Megalith, Dark Golem


Darkness Enchained, Anima

Dashing Over a Snowy Field

Death Machine

Defenders of the Bonds of Brotherhood

Demon Wall

Divine Maelstrom, Leviathan


Dragon King Advent, Bahamut

Dream Fiend, Diabolos

Dreams of Heroism

Echoing Screams

Encounter of Heroes

Evil Eye, Golden Ahriman

Excitement of the Eve


Faint Torchlight

Fervor of the Festival

Fiery Wings of Legend, Phoenix

Flash of Insight

Fleeting Blossom Banquet

Frederika's Dream

Freezer of All, Shiva

Friend or Foe?

From the East to Hourne

Frost Flower Flash, Mystical Ice Lasswell

Fruit of Life

Fundamental Forces

Gale-Begetting Heavenly Four, Tetra Sylphid

Gears of a New Fate

Gelid Warden, Dark Shiva

General of the Abyssal Horde, Greater Demon

Glamorous Camaraderie

Great Reptile of Antiquity, Brachiosaur

Guidance from the Stars

Halloween Monsters

Happy Birthday, Global!


Horned Beast of Battle, Minotaur

Hourne’s First Division, «Solidus»

Howl of Ferocious Blaze, Ifrit

In Order to Change the World

Inherited Wills

Intersecting Destinies

Irresistible Darkness

Journey of the Groms

Joyous Union

Keepers of the Crystal

King of the Lions, Mont Leonis

Love for Hiryu

MA-X Maniple

Maidens of the Rose

Mask of Deceit

Maw of Raging Infernos, Dark Ifrit

Meeting in the Moonlight

Melody of Darkest Night

Mobius of Despair and Truth

Moonlit Fang, Fenrir

New Test Subjects


Nightmare Before Halloween

Oath of a New Dawn

Oath of Salvation

Odin's Chosen


Peaceful Days

Phantasmic Renderer, Dark Odin

Power of the Warring Triad

Princess of Verdant Vengeance, Sheratan


Raging Earth, Titan

Rampaging Orebeast, Elafikeras

Realm Reaver, Odin

Rise of the Immortal

Roaring Thunderclap, Ramuh

Rock Cliff Titan, Golem

Ruby Guardian, Carbuncle

Sage of Umbral Storms, Dark Ramuh

Salire vs Rayches, Round 30

Scion of House Beoulve

Scions of Shadow

Scions of Twilight

Scorpion Sentinel

Seaside Showdown

Second Division of the Kingdom of Leonis, «Caelum»

Secret Party

Secrets of the Heart

Serpentine Onslaught, Two-Headed Dragon

Sharpening the Dragon's Talons

Shiva's Chosen

Silver Memories

Smite the Dark

Stag of the Shining Summer

Starlit Tryst

Steel Engine of Annihilation, Omega

Steel-Plated Destruction, Aigaion

Stygian Conqueror, Dark Bahamut

Sun-Speckled Encounter

Suteki Da Ne


Tempestuous Disaster, Typhon

Thanks for the Votes!

The Dreamiest of Eggs

The First Step Towards Glory

The Great Stag

The Other Me

The Solitary Lion

Ties of the Bonds of Brotherhood

Trembling Heart


Tune-Up Time

United Across Worlds


Vexing Vortex, Dark Tetra Sylphid

Voltaic Mechaguard, Europa

Whiskered Thunderfangs, Master Coeurl

Winter Holiday Party

Wish on a Winter Night

Wish Upon a Demon

With Swan-Like Grace

With the Setting Sun

Wyrm of Blizzard Winds, Freizess

Mega Rare
Only from other version ?
A Meal to Remember

A Mighty Obstacle

A Place Unknown

A Year's Journey

Admirers' Rivalry

Beloved Sidekick, Chocobo

Birth of New Life

Blood on the Ice

Bursting Spirit, Mindflayer

Calamitous Feline, Coeurl

Chivalrous Outlaws, «Rubeus»

Cleansing the Mind

Dancing Flame of Death, Marilith

Deceptive Vows, Honest Souls

Defiling Curse, Malboro

Envious Magician

Fated Clash

Fleeting Tranquility

Frozen Icewing, Glacial

Fused Monstrosity, Demon Chimera

Greetings from Afar

Grudge-Filled Lantern, Tonberry

Holy Night's Visitor, Winter Moogle

In Search of Myrrh

Luminous Serpent, White Dragon

Malevolent Legendary Beast, Behemoth

Memories of Apples

Metal Daemon, Iron Giant

Mobius of Hope and Illusion

Netherworldly Crimson Orb, Bloody Moon

Path to Revenge

Red Chocobo

Sanctum Assassins

Second-Anniversary Banquet — Part I

Second-Anniversary Banquet — Part II

Secret Orders

Seductive Serpent, Lamia Queen


Sharpened Concentration

Snow-White Guard

Swordsman's Refinement

Terror from the Deep, Kraken

The Four Warring Lords

The Perks of Having Charm

Those Who Defy Reality

Tranquil Warmth

Undead King of Putrefaction, Lich

Unreaching Affection

Vigorous Vegetation, Ochu

Vow of Love

Wintertide Bloomers

Super Rare
Only from other version ?
Beguiling Witch

Enormous Avian, Zuu

Explosive Orb, Bomb

Fun Time

Gluttonous King's Arrival

Great Detective Little Leela

Herculean Demon, Ogre

Instantaneous 1,000 Needles, Cactuar

Job Crystal

Long-Awaited Holiday

Magic Eye Beam, Floateye

Only from other version ?
Dynverk Cathedral

Fennes Castle

Flag of Fennes

Flag of Hourne

Flag of Leonis

Flag of the Crystal Sanctum

Flag of Wezette

Hourne Castle

Leonis Castle

Wezette Castle

Only from other version ?
Far-Reaching Mirror

Long-Distance Communication Device «Earth»

Long-Distance Communication Device «Heaven»