A Loyal Companion
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase MAG (10%)
Increase SPR (10)
Decrease Evasion Rate (5)
Increase HP (20%)
Party Effects
Increase AOE Resistance (20)
Increase magic ATK (18)
Increase Critical Rate (25)
 Garvall seized power by taking over the Arms Dealers' Guild. While his aggressive dealings have earned him a poor reputation as being callous and inhuman, he has succeeded in assuming complete control of the swordsmiths and the weapons trade. The people of Yezagh shoulder a long history filled with oppression, cruelty, and tragedy. As one of those people, Garvall sees everyone else as an enemy, fit to be used in any way that suits his cold-hearted designs. While he does everything in the name of improving the standing of Yezagh, his actions have ended up being a series of atrocities. Still, in their war-filled world, it was the sole way he could guarantee the survival of his people.<br>He trusts only in his sister, Velne, and his canine partner who is always by his side. Garvall cared for and protected the dying pup when it was separated from its parents, and since then they have spent many years together. Now considered a cherished member of the family, the beast and Garvall share a powerful bond that will never be broken.