A Meal to Remember
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase HP (8%)
Increase Critical Damage (8)
Party Effects
Increase AOE Resistance (15)
Increase Critical Rate (9)
Increase Acquired AP (30%)
 Zazan puts his blade to work as a Gouga shinobi, yet the path he has tread is surrounded by mystery. His almost abnormal attachment to life gives him vitality that is nothing short of extraordinary, which has in turn allowed him to get through countless hairy situations that would leave most in the grave. These survival skills came to him instinctively, and have kept him alive since his youth. Preferring to act alone, Zazan always kept to himself while in the Gouga village, but after taking on a mission with Rairyuu, the two of them began to work together more often—the pair of cold-blooded killers were all but made for each other. <br>Time flowed on, and eventually the War of Lion's Valley came to an end. Rairyuu had met his fate, but from time to time Zazan thinks back on the memorable meals and drinks they shared, fully intent on relishing life to the fullest in place of his fallen partner.