A Vow to Meet Again
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase MAG (10%)
Increase DEF (10)
Decrease Evasion Rate (5)
Increase HP (10%)
Increase magic ATK (10)
Increase HP (20%)
Party Effects
Increase AGI (15%)
Increase missile resistance (10%)
Increase lightning resistance (20%)
 During their time together as apprentices in the east, Miranda and Raviesse forged not only an excellent rivalry, but also an unbreakable friendship. Having overcome the hatred in her heart, Raviesse chased mastery ever-higher. Miranda, though she too has grown, had begun to sense the limits of her strength. Their master, Seymore, saw it as well—the impatience and hesitation behind Miranda's blade. And thus Seymore made the decision to take Miranda to the mainland, in hope that the challenges of a new, more demanding environment would help strengthen her resolve. Raviesse, whom Seymore considered not ready for such trials, remained in the east to further her training. The night before their fated farewell, they faced each other one last time. Through tears they looked proudly upon one another, commending a battle well fought.<br>When the new day finally dawned, they made a vow to one day meet again—but only after they have each become stronger. Their smiles, though heavy the night before, shined bright with hope for the future.