Becoming Stronger Than Anyone Else
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase Critical Damage (10)
Party Effects
Decrease None Attack Skill Activation Time (100)
Decrease Attack Skill Activation Time (100)
Increase Single target Resistance (20)
 Soldiers across the land fear the devilish swordsman known as Sir Owe. Leonis's ability to remain steadfast while surrounded by larger territories is due in no small part to Owe's countless military exploits. It was thus an easy choice for King Oelde to appoint him as the princes' sword instructor. The princes were polar opposites in both personality and swordsmanship, and Owe saw more of his past self in Sterne—a young man overeager to demonstrate his father's gallantry. He saw great talent slumbering in Mont as well, but he knew that only Mont himself could draw it out. Sterne is both motivated and astute, and he masters Owe's techniques with the same precision that Owe himself had. Though Owe saw Sterne's overly rapid growth causing rifts among the royal family, he turned a blind eye and chose instead to love Sterne as his disciple.