Beguiling Witch
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase undead killer (25)
Decrease DEF (5)
Party Effects
Decrease None Attack Skill Activation Time (30)
Decrease Attack Skill Activation Time (30)
Increase magic ATK (11)
 Though it may come as a surprise, the kingdom of Fennes had long been lacking in the field of tactical espionage. So, King Muraga established the Serpent's Den, a secret facility designed to cultivate shinobi by indoctrinating children brought there in the art of assassination. Vinera was one such child. When it was suggested that Fennes and Hourne would form an alliance via intermarrying, Muraga's eyes fell on Vinera's beautiful figure. To pass her off as the king's daughter, her knowledge of hidden blades and poisons would not be enough; she was also given a teacher who taught her how to dress and behave like a woman of royalty. The results were beyond Muraga's expectations. What stood before him was a true princess—charming, and yet still with a touch of innocence about her—who would be the perfect bride of a great kingdom's prince.