Beyond the Flames
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase HP (5%)
Increase ATK (20%)
Increase missile resistance (10%)
Increase human killer (10)
Party Effects
Increase human killer (30) when attacking with physic attacks
Increase critical evasion (16)
Increase missile resistance (20%)
 Thin streams of smoke rise from the flames unleashed by the enemy. Images of Frederika's late brother come to her as she sprints in an attempt to rescue her people. Her brother's life was lost doing the same—fighting for the People of the Forest. At first, sadness was all that Frederika could feel about her brother leaving her. She wanted more time together. With her homeland in danger before her very eyes, however, she could clearly hear his words once again.<br>"I shall not fail. Even if it costs me my life, I will protect you, and I will protect this forest we call home."<br>Frederika finally felt as if she understood what was in his heart. She shuts her eyes.<br>"I want to protect this forest and everyone in it."<br>Opening her eyes once again, she sees two figures watching over her: Engelbert and Eurel. She sees that she is not alone.<br>In order to protect the people she loves and stand victorious, she will go beyond the flames.