Blood on the Ice
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase HP (6%)
Increase fire ATK (12)
Party Effects
Increase AOE Resistance (15)
Increase slash ATK (10)
Increase DEF Debuff Resistance (30)
 The heavily falling snow obstructs their field of vision, preventing the allied armies from advancing. Lilyth struggles to hold back the never-ending onslaught of enemy troops, at a loss as to whether to retreat for the time being. It only takes a moment's hesitation—an enemy’s blade finds an opening, which Lilyth parries just in the nick of time. Thinking that a retreat was the only choice after all, she prepares to give the signal to her troops, but a magical blast from Kilphe tears through the air right before her eyes. Lilyth raises her head hearing Kilphe's encouraging words, "Now is not the time to retreat!" When her legs froze in that moment of hesitation, it was Adelard's encouraging voice that echoed, "I have your back!"<br>Though they once crossed blades as enemies, the group now trusts their lives to one another on the battlefield. At the end of this road lies a future where all can go forward side by side, without any war or strife. Steeled in this belief, Lilyth blazes across the battlefield once more.