Calamitous Feline, Coeurl
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase AGI (12%)
Party Effects
Increase lightning ATK (20)
Increase DEX (11%)
Increase Acquired AP (30%)
 The coeurl is a monster that is often described as an enormous leopard with heightened ferocity. However, the most conclusive difference between the two is the length of the coeurl's whiskers, which stretch almost as long as its body. Its whiskers function as sensory organs, but the coeurl can also manipulate them at will as if they were some manner of tentacle. From these whiskers it can also unleash "Blaster," a unique bolt of energy which it uses to paralyze its prey. It is considered to be a biological evolution of the leopard, with its long whiskers obtained as the result of adapting to survive in harsh environments inhabited by various large-sized monsters.
While it is not widely known, there have also been reports of coeurls dangling their whiskers into bodies of water to lure fish then paralyze them with Blaster before feeding, which has drawn greater attention to the levels of their intelligence.