Deceptive Vows, Honest Souls
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase slash ATK (15)
Party Effects
Increase Evasion Rate (10)
Increase earth resistance (15%)
 The marriage of Dario, prince of Hourne, and Vinera, princess of Fennes, was a political marriage designed to connect the two hostile nations. However, a sinister plot was brewing in the background. Although the citizens of Hourne and Fennes put on smiles to celebrate the marriage, not a single person actually thought it would be a happy one...besides the prince and princess themselves, that is. <br>Without an inkling of each other's personality or appearance, the two were made to meet just before being bound in matrimony. It was not the case that they had mutually sought each other out, and although it was a relationship heavy with obligation and responsibility, he wrapped her in his arms and greeted her as a husband greets a wife, and her heart went on to open up further every time she encountered that kindness thereafter. <br>Whatever the circumstances and intentions surrounding their union had been, it eventually turned into a true binding of souls.