Dreams of Heroism
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase slash resistance (10%)
Increase HP (5%)
Increase magic resistance (10%)
Increase AGI (5)
Party Effects
Increase AOE Resistance (20)
Increase HP (13%)
Increase TP (25%)
"Princess Machérie! I, Lord Camillo, hereby promise to save you from that heartless demon king, the villainous Mont!" "Oh, my sweet Camillo... Heed my words. That monster is most powerful. I could not live with myself if you were to be hurt in my name...!"
"Fear not, my sweet. I shall not be bested!"
"Mont is a vile man who would stoop to any means to claim me as his own. I cannot fathom what he would do to you, Lord Camillo!"
"Oh, the love of my princess... It fills my heart with determination. With the power of her love to guide my spear, I shall strike down the heartless demon king in the blink of an eye! And then...the princess and I can finally..."

Camillo's imagination knows no limits. Still yet to successfully find love with any of the ladies with whom he has crossed paths, will the day ever come in which his dreams of heroism are realized?