Faint Torchlight
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase Acquired AP (30%)
Increase ATK (10%)
Increase slash ATK (20)
Party Effects
Increase Accuracy (25)
Increase water ATK (18)
Increase water resistance (20%)
 Tyrrell slowly makes his way through the stillness of the underground passage, paying special attention to his surroundings. He places Grahl and Rayches, whom he had just debilitated with a sleep-inducing substance, in an underground prison cell and finally takes a moment to breathe. A faint light, looking as though it could go out at any moment, wavers in the darkness.<br>Grahl, still barely conscious, clasps onto the iron bars while glowering at Tyrrell. The boy closes the cell door with quivering hands, murmuring an apology.<br>He tells himself that this was the only way to help them...that if he were stronger, there might have been some other way. But right now, he finds himself barely capable of protecting even one person, let alone two.<br>Tyrrell looks downward, gazing at his own hands—the hands of a child. But he quickly holds his head high and looks forward.<br>For he must overcome the hardships that have befallen him, and attain the power to protect those he holds dear.