Fervor of the Festival
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase Accuracy (23)
Decrease AP consumption (20)
Party Effects
Increase human killer (25) when attacking with magic attacks
Increase HP (13%)
Increase earth resistance (20%)
 The whole town has been decorated with red ornaments of all manner of shapes and sizes. The main street is so crowded that you cannot move unless you push through people. The sounds of firecrackers exploding come from all directions. In the square, everyone beats musical instruments while great dragons and lions dance vigorously to the rhythm. Then when night comes, red paper lanterns light up the place and spectacular fireworks burst across the skies. Moore, having just experienced this hustle and bustle that is very different from the town's usual atmosphere, gently pats her favorite tiger and thinks: "We can enjoy these festivities, without a worry in the world, for this is a time of peace. I shall do everything in my power to bring about a greater, longer-lasting period of peace for the people to make the most of."
And so, Moore made this her new year's resolution.