Flash of Insight
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase slash atk resistance penetration (18)
Increase slash ATK (20)
Sonic Severance
 Damage (240%)
+100% hit chance
Range Height: 1
2 28 AP
Party Effects
Increase ATK (50%)
Increase critical evasion (10)
Increase Evasion Rate (20)
 It was more than twenty years ago when King Robb of Hourne first began to sense a curious flash of light. While bearing his sword at the straw training post and concentrating with the entirety of his spirit, he could see a momentary trajectory of light. When he positioned his sword towards this light, the blade followed its movement as if drawn into it, and his target was sliced in half without so much as a sound. Even if the target was a living, breathing enemy soldier, so long as he followed the light's path, his foes would fall almost as if they had thrown themselves into his blade. Since then, Robb has become well-known for his profound and elegant mastery of the blade. <br>King Robb of Hourne often ponders alone, "If only I could see a light that showed me a path for our kingdom..." But just where would this guiding light lead the great nation of Hourne?