From the East to Hourne
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase AGI (8%)
Increase MAG (20%)
Increase Accuracy (15)
Increase Accuracy (15)
Increase ATK (20%)
Party Effects
Increase missile resistance (24%)
Increase DEX (28%)
Increase AOE Resistance (20)
 As the swordswoman Rayches, a newly joined member of Hourne's second division «Nitor», was reported to be a potential spy, Machérie took it upon herself to determine the truth of the matter with her own eyes. Upon summoning Rayches in an attempt to reconfirm her motivation for enlisting, Machérie hears what she had already been told—that Rayches fell in love with Adelard at first sight. Rayches's facial expression during this blunt declaration held not one shred of doubt. She then launched into a lengthy exposition of her love for Adelard, which Machérie decided to lend an ear to now that her suspicions had been quelled. <br>The sun was setting, and Rayches had finally ceased her chatter, but only after a completely exhausted Machérie had said, "Th-that's enough," multiple times. Alas, Rayches left by saying, "I'd be happy to continue this later...maybe tomorrow?" and it is said that Machérie has been avoiding Rayches for some time now.