Fruit of Life
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase Acquired AP (30%)
Increase Accuracy (8)
Increase AGI (5%)
Increase ATK (20%)
Increase AGI (5%)
Increase MAG (20%)
Party Effects
Increase missile ATK (35)
Increase Critical Rate (13)
Increase slash resistance (20%)
 Along their journey, Helena and the others found themselves searching for a source of water to relieve their thirst. They came across an abundance of beautiful fruit growing deep within a forest. The fruit, with its unfamiliar form and brilliant color, causes Eliza to hesitate, but Rafale doesn't waste a moment before picking one and sinking her teeth into it. Eliza almost begins to panic, but Helena's calm voice reassures her. Upon closer inspection, it would seem birds and beasts have consumed their share, indicating the harmless nature of the fruits. With the arduous journey that awaits them after their brief respite, Eliza decides that bringing a bundle of fruit might serve them well. She reaches out to pick another, but Helena gently stops her, explaining that the inhabitants of the forest rely on the fruit as a food source, and thus they should not take more than they immediately need. Embarrassed, Eliza nods and takes a bite of the single fruit she had picked. The fruit of life's dulcet blessing quenches her thirst.