Gluttonous King's Arrival
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase Critical Damage (25)
Decrease AGI (5%)
Party Effects
Increase HP (7%)
Increase Critical Damage (9)
 No attack is sharper for Baelo than his sudden hunger pangs. He's a lover of all things edible, and he's well aware that the amount of food he eats is noticeably more than the average man. He's teased quite often for his body size, but he pays no mind to such squabble when he could instead be focusing on his next meal. Regardless, Baelo is a forward thinker. He takes great pride in his strength, which he believes to be made manifest by the astonishing amounts of food he ingests. He propounds—to the exasperation of his companions—that this is his true way of contributing as a knight of «Caelum». Baelo is attempting to set many food-related records, although Learte stops him rather frequently. He goes through every meal a restaurant can offer, sometimes ordering dozens of the same dish at a time. He insists that such acts are also "for «Caelum»," and he has no intention of stating otherwise.