Guidance from the Stars
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase SPR (10)
Increase MAG (10%)
Decrease Critical Rate (5)
Increase slash resistance (15%)
Increase HP (5%)
Party Effects
Increase magic ATK (35)
Increase Critical Damage (13)
Decrease None Attack Skill Activation Time (100)
Decrease Attack Skill Activation Time (100)
 The two astrologer sisters—Ramada and Moore. In the years before Ramada began her stay in Leonis, the sisters had always traveled together, but events unfolded which caused them to part ways. Just as their looks and personalities differ, so did their star-reading capabilities. The older Moore had been able to perform many readings surrounding the collapse of Rundall. On the other hand, although the younger Ramada had sensed indications of Rundall's demise as well, these were much hazier intuitions compared to her sister's; nevertheless, she was able to perceive the Waking of the Lion which Moore could not. Each following their own guidance from the stars, the two chose to serve different nations.<br>Does a future await them in which they join hands once again? Even now, neither has been able to read those stars.