Joyous Union
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase Acquired JP (50%)
Party Effects
Increase Critical Rate (25)
Increase dragon killer (25)
 The War of the Gale Highlands was over, and for a time at least, peace settled over the land. One day, Mont gave Machérie a single yellow flower, but said nothing of his true feelings. He knew that if he did, Machérie would be forced to face a difficult decision that loomed over her. Instead, the flower was the message―he would always protect her, even if she could never be his. Machérie understood, and could not help but weep. When Engelbert learned that Mont and Machérie were ready to forsake their love for each other, he sprang into action. He would not allow this shroud of unhappiness to descend over Machérie's future, and with unflagging zeal he persuaded first the nobles and then Machérie herself that she need not give up Mont.
So with a soft smile, Machérie gives Mont a single yellow flower. Mont takes to one knee and confesses his love for her. The lovers will be wed, and in each of their hearts blooms a single leonolia.