King of the Lions, Mont Leonis
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase AOE Resistance (10)
Increase ATK (10%)
Increase defense penetration (20)
Increase HP (10%)
Party Effects
Increase HP (25%)
Increase DEF Debuff Resistance (20)
Increase max damage (2500)
 ——Thus, two fated events have come to a close. One the battle between Leonis and its neighboring country, Fennes; the other the dissension between father and sons—and between the twin sons themselves. It was elder prince Mont, son of King Oelde of Leonis, who brought both to an end. While commanding a small number of troops in the division «Caelum», he fought numerous battles across the lands at the mercy of his destiny before finally defeating King Muraga of Fennes. He then went on to end the conflict with his younger brother, Sterne. <br>However, an enormous Crystal soon emerged from beneath Leonis Castle, covering much of the land in an unidentifiable miasma. With this, Mont resolved himself to continue the battle to restore his country and realize his father's wishes. From the moment Mont Leonis became King of the Lions, he was handed nothing but arduous ordeals. <br>(From "War of the Visions Part I")