Oath of a New Dawn
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase light ATK (5)
Increase LUCK (10%)
Increase MAG (20%)
Increase AGI (5%)
Increase ATK (20%)
Increase Acquired AP (30%)
Party Effects
Increase Acquired AP (50%)
Increase LUCK (18%)
Increase light resistance (20%)
"All right, today is a joyous day, the likes of which we rarely see! No need for modesty—eat and drink to your heart's content! Make merry!" "If we do as you say, we shall be paying for our revelry tomorrow."
"You always worry too much, my friend!"
A lavish banquet takes place atop the ship's deck, basked in the light of the morning sun. It appears that the soldiers who usually spend their days on the battlefield have also taken the opportunity to let loose and enjoy themselves today.
"No harm in having a day like this, don't you agree? The days blood is spilt on the battlefield and the days we drink ourselves silly—all of it is a part of my great story. And I won't forget a moment until the day I die."
"King Jayden..."
"Haha! Even after Ardra is united as one, I hope we can revel like this together once more. Let us forge the future together! What do you say, Oberon?"
"Of course!"