Path to Revenge
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase DEF (10)
Party Effects
Increase slash ATK (20)
Increase magic resistance (15%)
 There was a span of roughly two years when Lilyth was away from Leonis. The catalyst for this was her younger brother Volke's death during the war with Fennes. Clutching his lacerated body, she vowed to set out for revenge. As for what exactly happened during those two years, she is not moved to divulge the details, even to Mont. Be it as it may that she has always been an outstanding swordswoman, it is not difficult to imagine how her intention to exact revenge on the king of an entire nation all by herself was a reckless endeavor. It is said that she devotedly pursued Muraga's ceaselessly battling military forces across cold climates and rugged terrain, seeking just a single momentary opening. Most of the scars covering her body are from this period. Though she ultimately returned without having achieved revenge, her eyes are still alert to any possible chance of exacting it.