Salire vs Rayches, Round 30
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase HP (5%)
Increase AOE Resistance (10)
Increase MAG (30%)
Party Effects
Increase AGI (15%)
Increase Acquired AP (25%)
Increase water resistance (20%)
 Within «Nitor», the second division of Hourne, quarrels have a way of breaking out on a regular basis between Salire and Rayches. The focus of their heated displays: the division commander, Adelard. One day, the usual dispute between Salire and Rayches had begun when Grahl was resting after returning from a military exercise. Completely exhausted, Grahl fell asleep despite the commotion. The next morning, he was awoken by a visit from the glum faces of Salire and Rayches. They said that due to their fighting, one of the pillars in Hourne Castle had been destroyed, and Adelard was subsequently furious.
For the next few days, Grahl was dragged into their discussions—and constant bickering—about how to get Adelard to forgive them. Grahl's stomach was stricken with pain from the stress of it all, and he has since vowed to always put a stop to their bickering before it's too late.