Scion of House Beoulve
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase slash ATK (10)
Increase ATK (20%)
Increase light ATK (10)
Party Effects
Increase AGI (15%)
Increase slash ATK (35)
 The noble House Beoulve has served the Atkascha royal family for generations, and it was into this renowned military family that Ramza was born. Members of House Beoulve have led the Order of the Northern Sky—the greatest military force in all of Ivalice—for generations; Ramza's elder brother, Zalbaag, now commands the order, following in the footsteps of both the eldest brother, Dycedarg, and their father, Barbaneth. Young Ramza, however, chose to distance himself from the order and opted instead for mercenary work. Yet as fate would have it, it is he who chances upon the princess's kidnapping. The incident ignites conflict between Duke Larg of Gallionne, who flies the banner of the White Lion, and Duke Goltanna of Zeltennia, who flies the banner of the Black Lion. Ramza soon finds himself swept up in the struggle between these two houses—a struggle that would later come to be known as the War of the Lions.