Secrets of the Heart
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase earth ATK (10)
Party Effects
Increase LUCK (35%)
Increase earth resistance (20%)
"What to do, what to do... I wonder if I'll be able to give it to him this year...or if I even should?" Kitone turns this over in her mind again and again. The subject: a homemade sweet treat she hopes to give as a token of gratitude for being under his care. Since she has no ulterior motives, she should be able to boldly hand it over. Though even if she believes so, she wonders if maybe she overdecorated it, or if she might be thought to have other intentions, and so she always fails to give it to him. <br>"I wonder if I'll end up giving it to Owe again this year, too..." <br>Worried such thoughts might slip out on accident, she suppresses them in her head. She's certainly under Owe's care as well—that's indisputable. Still... Although such contrary feelings tumble around in her heart, she herself understood that she would fail to take action.