Sharpening the Dragon's Talons
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase slash ATK (10)
Increase AOE Resistance (5)
Increase Single target Resistance (10)
Increase MAG (20%)
Increase ATK (20%)
Party Effects
Increase slash resistance (24%)
Increase ATK (40%)
Increase Accuracy (25)
 Gernsback and Resnick peer with bated breath into the smoke and mist that coils darkly over the lake. Heindler's and Rundall's combined fleet has overwhelmed Ovis's flotilla, and now they press home their advantage and threaten to invade Ovis itself. In Ovis Castle is Princess Lucielle, Oberon's betrothed. It is a union that must take place if Heindler is to free itself from Rundall's rule and restore their pride. Preserving the bloodline of the dragon is paramount, and to that end Princess Lucielle must first be saved. Now, the members of the Six Fangs sharpen their talons in preparation for battle, believing they must act to secure the future of Heindler, even if it means temporarily deceiving their master, Oberon.<br>With Neia at her side, Resnick raises her staff. Unknown to most, the dragons now wing their way toward the battlefield.