Tempestuous Disaster, Typhon
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase LUCK (10%)
Increase MAG (30%)
Increase magic atk resistance penetration (20)
Increase Evasion Rate (5)
Party Effects
Increase magic ATK (25)
Increase Accuracy (15)
Increase wind resistance (20%)
 Every few dozen years, an intense storm washes across a city, tearing it from its foundations and leaving it decimated. Since long ago, it has been said that this is caused by Typhon. A deformed creature with faces at each end of its body, it causes those who lay eyes on its hideous features to tremble in fear and repulsion. Alive since time eternal, it has spent most of its existence in solitude, for none would approach a symbol of terror they feared to be calamity incarnate.<br>With the passage of time, it eventually began journeying with a curious octopus-like monster that understands the language of humans. Ever since, while Typhon still blows its foes away with mere snorts, it rarely leaves cities destroyed in its wake anymore. According to the octopus-like monster, Typhon is scary when it gets angry but is usually gentle and easygoing. The truth, however, remains a mystery.