The Four Warring Lords
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase ATK (20%)
Party Effects
Increase Critical Rate (20)
Increase max damage (1500)
 Among the warring states of Ardra, there are four kings said to stand above the rest. There is King Robb of westerly Hourne, with his vast dominion and great military might, who is known to be a broad-minded man. To the east is King Khury of Wezette, who is prudent yet high-strung and governs strictly over a frigid land, and whose kingdom has since many generations prior been in an antagonistic relationship with Hourne.
Between these two nations is Fennes to the north—ruled by the violent and bold King Muraga—and Leonis to the south—ruled by King Oelde, who has established a presence despite governing a small nation thanks to his resourcefulness and strategic ingenuity.
These four nations preserve a balance nigh miraculous, and while there has yet to be a major war to date, the equilibrium is now gradually collapsing as Lord Sadali of the Crystal Sanctum begins to take action.