Trembling Heart
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Decrease None Attack Skill Activation Time (100)
Decrease Attack Skill Activation Time (100)
Decrease Critical Rate (5)
Increase MAG (20%)
Increase AGI (5%)
Increase slash atk resistance penetration (40)
Increase HP (20%)
Party Effects
Increase MAG (50%)
Increase AOE Resistance (10)
Increase max damage (2500)
 There was a large family whose members once all lived happily together. That is, until one day when their mother didn't come home, and the days continued on with no sign of her return. In truth, she lost her life fulfilling her motherly duties, but the young she left behind had no way of knowing what befell her. And so they set out aimlessly in search of their missing mother, only to fall prey to their harsh environment and monster attacks. The remaining family members were separated, and just as one of them resigned itself to its fate, it was brought back from the brink by a lone human girl. The girl picked up the poor, shivering cat and became determined to save it. On a journey with no destination, she is always under the watchful eyes of her older brothers, but what would become of her should she, too, end up alone? The heart of the girl and her ponderings lacked any hesitation regarding what she should do. With this decision her spirit grew, and her older brothers watched with silent affection.