Winter Holiday Party
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase MAG (10%)
Increase water ATK (20)
Height 3 Holy Night's Purge
 Damage (165%)
+ Increase modifier by 60% if the target height is a multiple of 3
Decrease ATK (39%) for 3 turns (End) for targets
Decrease MAG (39%) for 3 turns (End) for targets
25% chance to inflict immobilize for 3 turns (End) for targets
Range Height: 3
AOE Height: 1
2 34 AP
Party Effects
Increase AOE Resistance (20)
Increase DEX (35%)
"Hmm, a splendid array of dishes as always. The cold of this season would be unbearable if not for your marvelous cooking, Ildyra. I never would've expected you to have such a talent as you always go about with a stern look on your face doing your little calculations." "Elsirelle, what is it you mean? In a sense, cooking is but another form of mathematics. Equations of ingredient volumes and heat levels that lead us to delights of the palette. Good, another perfectly calculated pie."
"Is that how it works...? Mmm, I'm getting sleepy now that I have a full belly... Zzzzzz..."
"I can't help but feel you sleep regardless of the contents of your stomach, mind you... Goodnight, Elsirelle. It has been quite an eventful year for all. Let us hope the year to come proves to be a good one."