Wish on a Winter Night
Release Date
Updated Date
Buffs at max level
Unit Effects
Increase ATK (18%)
Increase slash ATK (10)
Increase Accuracy (15)
Blessing from Afar
Reduces the magic damage taken (35%) for 3 times for self
Decrease AP consumption (40) for 3 turns (End) for allies
Range Height: 0
AOE Height: 1
1 36 TP
Party Effects
Increase human killer (30) when attacking with physic attacks
Increase DEX (28%)
Increase pierce resistance (20%)
 An eventful year is coming to a close. It's a bone-chilling, snowy night. The comforting flames from the fireplace shine a warm glow on the small, humble room. Even without a merry feast or presents to celebrate, a tranquil bliss fills the air. Tyrrell tries desperately to stay awake while watching over Vinera and the baby, but eventually, the three of them are slumbering soundlessly. One wonders what they could be dreaming of. The door to the room slowly opens, and Raviesse enters, dressed as a gift-giving envoy. She moves as quietly as she can, and though Tyrrell is surprised by her appearance, she offers a silent smile and places a present near the fireplace. Something invaluable lies in wait within the box—a treasure designed to look like a precious somebody who is no longer with them.<br>No matter the painfully cold days that come to pass, that treasure will be there for them, undoubtedly close to their hearts.