Arcane Tuning Rod
Recurrent event
Release Date
Updated Date
Equipment Stats
Min 10 1 9 3
Max 118 6 174 8
Stats for +1
Max 166 6 191 9
Equippable jobs
Passive Effects at max level/upgrade
Condition :
Increase healing power (20) for self
Increase AOE Resistance (20) for self
Increase AGI (10%) for self
Increase MAG (30%) for self
Increase HP (15%) for self
A rod that Minwu took from the magic research institute during the aftermath of her attempt to blow up the facility. It was designed with the concept of gathering and tuning the flow of the expansive magic power within the wielder's body to focus its application. The high-end materials used in its creation allow for the smooth passage of magic. Minwu applied these tuning techniques to neutralize the gatekeeper of the magic research institute, which she then laid waste to by infusing a massive amount of magical energy into a magic blast furnace.