Diaries of a Mischievous Witch
General Shop
Release Date
Updated Date
Equipment Stats
Min 8 2 8 0 1
Magic 90 17 165 3 3
Aim 105 24 115 13 3
Critical 120 28 132 6 13
Equippable jobs
Passive Effects at max level/upgrade
Condition :
Increase magic ATK (15) for self
Increase DEF Debuff Resistance (50) for self
Increase human killer (10) when attacking with magic attacks for self
Increase magic atk resistance penetration (20) for self
This book, illustrated with images of bats and pumpkins, was found in a treasure chest that was hauled out of the sea in a fisherman's net. The fisherman, who had little interest in books or magic, sold the find along with his catch for a measly handful of gil. The book passed from one hand to another until it landed on the shelf of a knickknacks store in Rundall. There it was purchased by Lu'Cia, who was there looking for a costume for an upcoming masquerade. Idly flipping through the pages, Lu'Cia saw that the book was filled with strange, disturbing runes. She took it to an antiquarian of magic, who said the writing was an ancient script of a dead language, and the book itself appeared to be a diary. In fact, it was a guide to magic, disguised as a diary by the ancient mage who wrote it. It need hardly be said that the masquerade was thrown into chaos when Lu'Cia revealed her costume and unleashed her newfound magic.