Divine Horn
General Shop
Release Date
Updated Date
Equipment Stats
Min 5 8 9 1 1
Critical 70 126 136 9 18
Assault 52 158 85 4 4
Magic 52 79 170 4 4
Equippable jobs
Passive Effects at max level/upgrade
Condition :
Increase wind resistance (10%) for self
Increase light resistance (10%) for self
Increase dark resistance (10%) for self
Increase pierce ATK (15) for self
A spear bequeathed to Jayden by the former king of Rundall. In recent years, Rundall's might has been built on guns and gunpowder, but in the time of Jayden's father, its armies were still melee based at their core. In his youth, Jayden received rigorous training in a range of weapons, but excelled most of all with the spear. His royal predecessor had this spear made for him, a distillation of the most advanced smithing arts then known. In Jayden's hands, this deadly weapon was expected to reign supreme on the battlefield―but before that could happen, Jayden fell under the spell of a new, even more powerful weapon. So now the spear is kept with care at Rundall Castle, a symbol of Jayden's father and the bond they shared.