Forbidden Tome: Gelumortis
General Shop
Release Date
Updated Date
Equipment Stats
Min 4 2 9 2 1
Vital 84 38 136 10 5
Magic 50 24 170 10 5
Equippable jobs
Passive Effects at max level/upgrade
Increase spirit penetration (20) for self
A book belonging to Velis, a Warrior of the Crystals. Though nothing is recorded on the white pages within this blue tome and its icy aesthetic, cryptic writing materializes upon the activation of magic. The content of said writing differs with each appearance, and only Velis is able to decipher its meaning. Controlling the tome's magic is an arduous task once it's unleashed, and one touch is all it takes for an amateur to suffer an icy death as their body and soul are instantaneously frozen solid. As such, this manner of book is normally designated as forbidden. It also bears a strong sentience that is short-tempered and vicious, making it difficult to use, but it is obedient to Velis. In fact, it has taken quite a liking to him.