Gilded-Beast Claws
Lissette's TMR
Release Date
Updated Date
Equipment Stats
42 148 12
Equippable jobs
Passive Effects at max level/upgrade
Increase max damage (1500) for self
After many years of use, Lissette's combat gloves were showing the wear and tear of countless tough battles. They remained effective weapons, and Lissette continued to maintain them with great care. However, Machérie saw the state of the old weapons and gave these to Lissette in their stead. Their glittering gold surface is decorated with beautiful engravings, tipped with sharp talons. A certain knack is required to wield them effectively, but they are deadly quick in the right hands and offer good protection. They are forged using a high-quality metal from Hourne that is well-known to soldiers serving in that realm's divisions, and indeed, part of Machérie's motive for the gift was to help Lissette settle more quickly into her new posting. Lissette in turn devotes herself to mastering these weapons, so as to not betray Machérie's faith in her.