Little Devil Dress
Lu'Cia (Halloween)'s TMR
Release Date
Updated Date
Equipment Stats
232 4 64 4 15
Equippable jobs
Little Devil's Smile
Increase max damage (1000 => 2000) for 3 turns (End) for allies
Range Height: 0
AOE Height: 1
1 18 TP
A grand masquerade was to be held in the dark hours of the night. At first, Lu'Cia grumbled about whoever it was that came up with the idea, but typical of her perfectionist nature, she was soon engrossed in creating the ideal costume. When she heard of a rare fabric that offered considerable protection, she flew off into the night atop her chocobo in search of it, and when someone whispered of an ornament that increased focus and spirit, then off she went again, this time aboard a ship bound for some faraway island. She sewed the dress herself, and though it does look a little homemade, it is second to none in terms of protection and ease of movement—mostly because she forgot that she was only meant to be making a simple costume and not something greater. In the end, the masquerade was a success, everyone loved Lu'Cia's cute little devil costume, and despite her initial misgivings, Lu'Cia ended up thoroughly enjoying the strange, all-night gathering.